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Tumblong Hills

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A community within a community

About Our Client

Tumblong Hills is a small winery in Southern NSW, which stays true to the multicultural heritage of their home and the European style of their wines, while challenging the status quo with lesser-known, climate friendly varietals. The wines at Tumblong Hills come with a purpose towards continuous improvement in respect of the fundamentals of nature and future generations.

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Experts in the Field

The Challenge

Timmer Marketing had to balance crafting an eye-catching and successful digital campaign while also remaining consistent to the Tumblong Hills brand and style.

Just Get It Done

The Solution

Timmer Marketing executed a strict strategic plan for Tumblong Hills through eDM’s, social media management, and the creation of digital campaigns to promote their products and services.

Social Media Campaigns

Tumblong FB Ads (1800 x 1080 px)

Social Media Ads

Tumblong FB Ads (1800 x 1080 px)